Efficient Perimeter Lighting
That’s Simple to Install

SUNBIRD® Perimeter lights are revolutionizing the security and perimeter lighting industry by providing the most efficient, effective, durable, and simple to install solution the world has seen.

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Your first line of defence

SUNBIRD® Perimeter lights are revolutionizing the security and perimeter lighting industry by providing the most efficient, effective, durable, and simple to install solution the world has seen.

Simply put, there is no comparison when it comes to providing a cost
effective, uniform, and robust lighting barrier for your premises.

The SUNBIRD® Quick Connect system allows for a single unbroken run of
UV and Rodent resistant illumination cable onto which your lights are
crimped to provide a long-lasting and weatherproof solution.

Key Benefits

No Trenching, No Laying of Conduit, No Planting of Poles, No Blind Spots, No Electrician Required and No Hole in Your Pocket.

  • DIY installation using existing fence/wall infrastructure
  • A single supply point can feed 600m/2000ft of uniform light
  • The most cost-effective means of lighting your perimeter

The System is supplied with the Sunbird Power pack which converts incoming AC to 48V DC for the lighting circuit.

  • Pole or wall mount
  • Plugs into a 110/220V supply
  • Cable connector kit supplied for tool free connection to illumination cable
  • Internal Driver is Power Factor Corrected
  • Protection from short-circuits, over-voltage and over-current
  • Built-in Day/Night Sensor

A 110V input will power up to 66 Lights while a 220V~305V input will power up to 84 Lights. Lights are typically spaced between 4.5m/15ft and 6m/20ft depending on installation height and lux requirements.

3rd Party integration is also possible allowing for seamless connectivity to existing security and surveillance systems.

Illuminate Your Property with Our Cutting-Edge Lighting Solutions!

SUNBIRD® has the highest efficiency and the longest lifespan of any other product.

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Durable, Efficient and Cost-Effective
Agricultural Lighting

SUNBIRD® lighting is the choice of livestock farms across the globe and is designed to deliver the optimal light to create ideal environments for peak animal performance and welfare.

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The System

SUNBIRD’s lighting system comprises of four primary components, the luminaire, the driver, the dimmer and the repeater. A single dimmer controls an unlimited number of lights through the repeaters. The industrial grade drivers convert the incoming 220/277VAC to the systems 48VDC operating voltage. Repeaters and drivers are factory fitted into SUNBIRD® enclosures ready for plug and play installation on site. The complete system is designed and manufactured at our factory in South Africa to ensure perfect control with maximum lifespan.

Durable Luminaires

Our luminaires are cast in a highly-durable composite resin which gives the unit an IP69K ingress rating, making it both chemical resistant and waterproof. SUNBIRD® lights also include oversized heatsinks that ensure cooler operation resulting in lifespans greater than 100,000 hours. Lights either attach to a round Junction Box or directly to an illumination cable with the optional easy clip bracket option. SUNBIRD® lights are also backed by a 5-year guarantee.

Industrial Grade Drivers

Lights are 48VDC and powered by an external 220/277VAC LED driver. While typical LED bulbs or tubes use a built-in driver, the SUNBIRD® system uses an external, industrial grade driver which powers multiple lights on a circuit. This design allows for power factor correction and superior protection from under/over voltage and short circuits.

Precise Dimming Functionality

The SUNBIRD® dimmer offers true and linear 0-100% dimming in 3 modes. The Manual, Dusk to Dawn or 0-10V mode and the selected dimming percentage is displayed on the Oled screen. Dimmers and repeaters include built-in electrostatic discharge & voltage spike protection for power inputs and outputs. A single dimmer controls an unlimited number of SUNBIRD® lights.

Features and Benefits


SUNBIRD® LED units are developed with a larger heatsink to ensure a lifespan of over 100 000 hours.

5-Year Guarantee

Receive a 5-year quality guarantee on each lighting system to give you complete peace of mind.

Smooth Dimming Capability

Our 3-in-1 single device dimming includes an OLED screen that displays mode and percentage ratings. Dimmers allows seamless dusk to dawn and 0-10V control for environments. Dimming can be controlled between 0% and 100%. Dimmers and repeaters also include built-in electrostatic discharge & voltage spike protection for power inputs and outputs.

Easy Installation

The SUNBIRD® Quick Connect system offers the fastest and most cost-effective means of installation available. Install your support wires, attach the Sunbird illumination cable using cable ties or hog rings and then crimp the lights on. No more conduit, junction boxes or connector blocks. The control gear arrives pre-wired with spring loaded terminals for adding or removing components. The SUNBIRD® Enclosure is simply plugged into a standard plug point. The system is completely waterproof and the cabling contains rodent proof additives to ensure problem free operation.

Industrial Grade Transformer (Driver)

We use industrial grade Drivers to power banks of lights. The is Power Factor Corrected (PFC) and offers superior protection against poor power supply including under/over voltage. The driver carries an IP65 ingress protection rating and can operate at high ambient temperatures.

Direct Technical Support

Keeping your lights on is our no. 1 priority. We provide immediate technical support in English, Afrikaans, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish directly from our engineers.

Lighting Design

We prepare professional simulations and 3D modelling for every quotation as part of our service offering. Our team of lighting designers will replicate your house on the lighting program and design the lighting layout in such a way that your lux and uniformity goals are met in the most economical way.

Waterproof & Chemical Resistant

Our unique Luminaire is cast in a highly durable composite resin, giving it an IP69K ingress rating and making it waterproof and chemical resistant.

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LEDs and PC board cast in resin
100% waterproof (IP69K) and chemical resistant
Aluminium PC Board
Better heat transfer resulting in longer lifespan
Air flow heat sink
Better heat transfer resulting in longer lifespan

100 000Hrs Lifespan to L70 at 60° ambient
160 Lumens Per Watt
Higher efficiency means less electricity

Lower System cost
150° Beam Angle
No wasted light (energy) on walls and ceiling
Low Voltage
No risk of electrical shock in house

No short circuits due to water in conduit

Reduced voltage drop compared to 12 or 24V systems

Unattractive to theft
Centralised Power Supply Units
Constant Voltage + Constant Current mode output

100 ~ 305VAC

93% Efficiency with fanless design

-40°C ~ +90°C case temperature under free air convection

Built-in active PFC function No load / standby power consumption

IP65 rating for outdoor installations Typical lifespan > 50 000 hours

5 years warranty
3-in-1 Dimming with 0-10V input, Dusk/Dawn input and manual potentiometer

Protection against ESD (Electrostatic discharge) on all inputs and outputs

Protection against transients (voltage spikes) on power inputs and outputs

High resolution PWM for smooth dimming especially at low light

Dimmer is calibrated to give a linear lux dimming output from 0 to 100%
5 Year Guarantee on Lights
Low total cost of ownership

Trusted by Leading Brands

Best I have seen

“The lighting from Sunbird is without doubt the best poultry light I have ever seen. We have also used them at Mountain Valley. Their service is excellent and their lights fantastic, and I get no commission!! They are just good!”

David Stock
COO, National Chicks- South Africa

More uniform bird size

“Fantastic lighting Philip, very pleased with the system, we can now actually see the bits we missed when washing! It is like daylight on a good clear day in here. My birds are doing very well. The whiter light seems to have encouraged them to go out more as they seem used to the brightness. I am also having more uniform bird size.”

Henry Johnson
Contract Grower, Moy Park - UK

Professional Service

“We are very happy with the lights and the fast and professional service and advice we received from Sunbird. We would like to place an order for our next chicken houses.”

Janko Botha
Director, Botha Boerdery Trust- South Africa

Do You Need to Reduce Electricity and Maintenance Costs?

SUNBIRD® has the highest efficiency and the longest lifespan of any other product.

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