10 Watt Luminaire
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SUNBIRD® 10W Luminaire

10W Luminaire

The SUNBIRD® LED 10W Luminaire offers an impressive 160 lumen per watt with a colour temperature of either 2700°K or 5000°K. The 10W light offers the best value for money and is by far our most popular model. The SUNBIRD 10W poultry light is deal for use in commercial poultry laying houses, breeder houses, rearing houses and broiler houses where high lux intensity and excellent uniformity levels are key.


Energy Savings (160lm/W efficacy)

The SUNBIRD® luminaire is up to 90% more energy efficient compared to conventional incandescent lamps, offering huge energy savings and reducing the carbon footprint of poultry lighting

Quick & Easy Installation

Ease of install was a top priority in the development of the SUNBIRD® System. The light attaches directly onto a round 50mm Junction box (customization of base plate is available) or can be suspended

IP69K & Chemical Protection

Offering user peace of mind after installation, all SUNBIRD® Luminaires have undergone rigorous testing to assure perfect protection against dust and water as well as chemicals (pH1-13)

Surge & Voltage Protection

The industrial 48V power supply offers protection from overload, over voltage and short circuits

Built to Last (>100 000 hours)

SUNBIRD® Luminaires are backed by a 5 Year manufacturers guarantee with a minimum 100 000 hour rated lifespan (Lumen output 70% @ 100khrs)

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Trusted by Leading Brands

Best I have seen

“The lighting from Sunbird is without doubt the best poultry light I have ever seen. We have also used them at Mountain Valley. Their service is excellent and their lights fantastic, and I get no commission!! They are just good!”

David Stock
COO, National Chicks- South Africa

More uniform bird size

“Fantastic lighting Philip, very pleased with the system, we can now actually see the bits we missed when washing! It is like daylight on a good clear day in here. My birds are doing very well. The whiter light seems to have encouraged them to go out more as they seem used to the brightness. I am also having more uniform bird size.”

Henry Johnson
Contract Grower, Moy Park - UK

Professional Service

“We are very happy with the lights and the fast and professional service and advice we received from Sunbird. We would like to place an order for our next chicken houses.”

Janko Botha
Director, Botha Boerdery Trust- South Africa

Do You Need to Reduce Electricity and Maintenance Costs?

SUNBIRD® has the highest efficiency and the longest lifespan of any other product.

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