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SUNBIRD Poultry Lights

“The choice is simple.”

The benchmark in poultry lighting since 2011.

Our tried-and-tested, world renowned product is trusted by leading global poultry producers. Our reputation for superior bird performance, unparalleled reliability and market leading efficiency is one we’re continuously aspiring to maintain, and improve.

We believe in the philosophy of keeping things simple and sticking to a tried-and-test recipe that we know works well. Our product is purpose built at our factory in South Africa using vital research and development conducted by our team to deliver a durable, efficient lighting solution for our customers.

Our Number One priority is to ensure that when you hit the switch, the lights come on. That’s why our dedicated technicians and parts departments are able to provide immediate technical support in six languages from our very own factory where the entire SUNBIRD® system is manufactured.

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What our customers are saying

“SUNBIRD® lighting has exceeded all expectations, from great technical support to results on the farm. I highly recommend this great product”

Lance Simpson, Pedigree Farm Manager – Cobb Vantress USA

“The lighting from SUNBIRD® is without doubt the best poultry light I have ever seen. We have also used them at Mountain Valley. Their service is excellent and their lights fantastic, and I get no commission!! They are just good!”

David Stock, COO – National Chicks

“We have installed numerous SUNBIRD® systems in our Hatcheries, Broiler and Breeder operations. All are working perfectly with excellent results and no maintenance required. The service from SUNBIRD® has been exemplary”

Raymond Laing, Technical Manager – Country Bird Holdings, Ross Africa

“We are very happy with the lights and the fast and professional service and advice we received from SUNBIRD®. We would like to place an order for our next chicken houses”

Janko Botha, Director – Botha Boerdery Trust

“Fantastic lighting Philip, very pleased with the system, we can now actually see the bits we missed when washing! It is like daylight on a good clear day in here. My birds are doing very well. The whiter light seems to have encouraged them to go out more as they seem used to the brightness. I am also having more uniform bird size”

Henry Johnson, Contract Grower – Moy Park

“We have been effectively using the SUNBIRD® system at our Broiler operation and to date have had no problems with the lighting system. Not a single bulb has been replaced in the period that I have been on Itakane which is more than 2 years. I spoke to the resident electrician this morning and he is sure he has never replaced a bulb in the time he has been monitoring sheds. All success with international expansion”

Andrea Champion, Operations Manager – Itakane trading (Pty) Ltd.

Our customers

A selection of customers we work with
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Our customers

A selection of customers we work with
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