Enhancing Poultry Welfare and Productivity: The Transition from Layer Cages to Cage-Free Aviary Systems with Sunbird Aviary Lighting


The poultry industry has been undergoing a significant transformation in recent years, with increasing emphasis on animal welfare and sustainable practices. One notable shift has been the move from traditional layer cages to more humane and spacious cage-free aviary systems. This is driven by a growing recognition of the benefits that cage-free environments offer to both the well-being of the birds and the quality of their products. An essential component of these aviary systems is proper lighting, and the Sunbird Aviary Lighting system has emerged as a groundbreaking solution to address various challenges associated with this transition.

The Evolution of Poultry Housing:

Layer cages were once the standard housing method in the poultry industry, allowing for efficient egg production but often raising concerns about animal welfare. In contrast, cage-free aviary systems provide hens with greater freedom of movement, the ability to perform natural behaviours, and reduced stress levels. This evolution aligns with changing consumer preferences for ethically sourced products and has led to an increased demand for cage-free eggs.

The Role of Lighting in Poultry Welfare:

Lighting plays a crucial role in maintaining the health, behaviour, and productivity of poultry in both traditional and modern housing systems. In cage-free aviary systems, lighting serves as a key tool to create optimal conditions that promote the well-being of the birds. Sunbird Aviary Lighting, a specialized lighting system designed for cage-free environments, has been developed to meet the specific needs of hens in these systems.

Benefits of Sunbird Aviary Lighting:

1. Stress Reduction:

Adequate and well-designed lighting can significantly reduce stress levels among hens. The Sunbird Aviary Lighting system is engineered to mimic natural sunlight patterns, helping hens establish a more natural circadian rhythm. Reduced stress levels contribute to lower instances of aggressive behaviour.

2. Feather Pecking Prevention:

Feather pecking, a detrimental behaviour observed in confined environments, can be mitigated through appropriate lighting. Sunbird Aviary Lights peak in the red wavelength which disguises blood and the likelihood of feather pecking.

3. Floor Egg Reduction:

One of the challenges of cage-free systems is the potential for floor eggs, which can lead to sanitation issues and egg quality concerns. Proper lighting design helps guide hens to lay eggs in designated nesting areas, minimizing floor eggs and ensuring cleaner, higher-quality eggs.

4. Egg Production and Quality:

Lighting promotes egg production by encouraging healthy reproductive behaviours in hens. Consistent and properly timed lighting can help regulate egg laying cycles and optimize egg production while maintaining egg quality.

5. Energy Efficiency:

The Sunbird Aviary Lighting system is designed with energy efficiency in mind, utilizing the most advanced LED lighting technologies. This not only reduces operational costs for poultry producers but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.


The transition from layer cages to cage-free aviary systems represents a significant step forward for the poultry industry, aligning with growing consumer demands for ethical and sustainable practices. Proper lighting, exemplified by the Sunbird Aviary Lighting system, is a vital component of this transition, playing a pivotal role in reducing stress, preventing detrimental behaviours, and optimizing egg production. By prioritizing the welfare of hens through innovative lighting solutions, poultry producers can achieve a balance between animal well-being, productivity, and environmental responsibility in the modern era of egg production.