7 Poultry Trends From Around the Globe

There’s much that has taken place in the poultry industry across the globe. While growth seems to have been sluggish, reports show that it is set to pick up in the next few years.

We decided to take a look at the industry and here are seven poultry trends from around the globe that caught our eye.

1. Global Poultry Production peaks at 123 Million Tons in 2018

While the US, China and Brazil lead the pack in poultry production, research from OECD-FAO indicates that increasing demand in developing countries has been driven by a change in dietary choice.

2. The Average Person Consumes 35.3Kg of Poultry Each Year

Based on a time period between 2015 and 2017, statistics peg the average consumption per person at just over 35Kg. In most Middle Eastern and North African countries, this is clearer as there have been notable increases in consumption in these regions.

3. Poultry Meat Trade Stays Flat

China, the worlds second largest provider of poultry meat is experiencing slower growth, while the US battles avian influenza. These two factors have led to lower growth in 2018 as both the US and China produce considerably more poultry meat than Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa.

4.  Poultry Meat Prices Projected to Increase by 2027

Many factors influence the cost of poultry meat and two of the most important have been the increasing cost of feed and the avian influenza spread in the US which is said to be decreasing. As a result, it’s estimated that these two factors will lead to an increase of poultry meat to USD $1725 per metric ton by 2027.

As the increase in poultry production grows in the US and the cost of feed rises, both are said to push nominal prices up over time.

5. Global Egg Production is up  

China dominates global egg production and has a considerable lead over the US, followed by India, Mexico, Brazil and Russia. According to FAOSTAT, global egg production grew from 37,376 metric tons in 1990 to 73,890 metric tons in 2016.

6. India’s Egg Production is Trending Upward

India has seen tremendous growth in egg production in the last three decades, producing 82,9 billion eggs in 2016. This growth was spearheaded by the introduction of more efficient production practices and a booming economy.


7. Egg Protein Within Reach of Developing Nations

As developing countries make way for citizens to afford a better quality of life, egg protein has become an option that’s now in reach for many. As one of the most complete sources of nutrition, egg consumption has increased in developing nations, with some countries also opting for free-range alternatives.


Poultry is set to experience interesting developments over the next few years. Growth is on the cards with developing nations and market leaders producing and consuming more poultry products.

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Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.