Lighting for Pigs/Swine

Good evidence exists that pigs’ eyes are not well adapted for extremely bright light, which is why the ability to control light through dimming is necessary. Using the right amount of lighting can positively influence the performance of farrowing houses, nurseries, development of growers or finishers, and maturing of gilts.

Elevate Farrowing House Performance

Lighting plays an important role in the performance of a farrowing house. By increasing day length piglet suckling and food intake in growers and finishers is also increased. Proper management is required as 24- hour light can increase stress levels and disruptive behaviour and can reduce productivity (especially in young pigs).

There are several housing systems available and each will need a specific type of lighting to optimise the light climate.

Maximize Nursery Performance

The goal of any commercial nursery program should be to maximize performance. This involves improving the growth of gilts, feed efficiency, and at the same time, minimizing losses due to mortality and morbidity.

Lighting directly influences the nursery environment. Our pig lighting system enables the appropriate lighting climate and stimulates a faster feed intake post-weaning, leading to increased feed intake, and contributing to healthy growers and an optimal feed conversion rate.

Enhance Welfare and Comfort for Growers/Finishers

Management is the key element that brings together genetics, facilities, and nutrition to achieve maximal performance in nursery pigs. The ultimate goals of any commercial nursery program should be to maximize performance, in terms of growth and feed efficiency, and at the same time, to minimize losses due to mortality and morbidity. Achievement of these goals requires environmental control units and equipment need to be properly prepared before the delivery of weaned pigs. When pigs arrive, they must find a place that is clean, warm, draft-free and well-lit.

An appropriate lighting climate stimulates a faster feed intake post-weaning, contributing to healthy growers with an optimal feed conversion rate.

Support Longevity When Rearing Gilts

Proper gilt rearing is the key for longevity and a constant production in the productive life of a sow. This includes creating an ideal housing environment, transportation, animal flow, preventative vaccination, adaptation, development, selection and nutrition.

Compromising any of these areas can affect the gilt’s lifetime productivity resulting in a decreased production performance and increased production cost.

Stimulating gilts through light is important for proper sexual maturation and for social welfare, and our lighting systems provide adequate functionality to manage light in the crucial stages of development.

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Great Product!

I just wanted to let you know that my Sunbird lights are now 5 years old and still going strong.

We have installed the Sunbird LED lights in our Weaner houses and in our Mating crates.We are currently expanding our Mating crate unit and will install the Sunbird Led lights in there as

With all the exposures of washing and other elements it says a lot for any product on a pig farm.
We can complement you on your prompt and friendly service as well.

Thank you for a great product!

Anton Mecchi
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