Deliver Essential Cattle Shed Lighting

Optimal cattle shed lighting is required for general inspection as well as welfare and performance of the cattle.

Certain evidence shows that milk output and feed intake of lactating cows is highest with light periods of 16-18 hours per day and with a lighting level of at least 160-200 lx. It has been found that 80-100 lx is enough for Beef cattle. A lighting regime of 16 hours of light followed by 8 hours of darkness also applies to beef cattle. Like dairy cattle, beef cattle need to rest at night.

SUNBIRD® LED lighting is long-lasting and capable of producing the right brightness required to add to a healthier environment for cattle.

Cattle high-bay lighting
Cattle high-bay lighting


Give your cattle the best chance at producing quality results. Speak to us and get a 3D model that shows how we can deliver the lighting your farm needs to thrive.  

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