Agricultural Lighting Designed for Optimal Performance

SUNBIRD® LED lighting is a unique, durable and long-lasting solution for various agricultural applications.

The SUNBIRD® luminaire offers an industry leading IP69K waterproof rating. This means that you can high pressure wash your lights with no risk of water ingress. The SUNBIRD® luminaire also offer the longest lifespan of any agricultural lighting product. With over 100 000 hours it is more than double the life of our nearest competitors. This long lifespan, along with our high efficiency gives SUNBIRD® the lowest total cost of ownership.

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Lighting Applications

SUNBIRD® offers a lighting solution for various agricultural applications. Each project is preceded by a 3D design to ensure that we provide the right lighting for the customers specific requirements.


Produce healthy layers, breeders
and broilers

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Produce adequate lighting for reproduction

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Never replaced a light

“We have been effectively using the Sunbird system at our Broiler operation and to date have had no problems with the lighting system. Not a single bulb has been replaced in the period that I have been on Itakane which is more than 2 years. I spoke to the resident electrician this morning and he is sure he has never replaced a bulb in the time he has been monitoring sheds. All success with international expansion.”

Andrea Champion
Operations Manager, Itakane Trading – South Africa


Give your farm the best chance at producing quality results. Speak to us and get a 3D model that shows how we can deliver the lighting your farm needs to thrive.

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