“A cost effective LED lighting solution.”

The benchmark in poultry lighting since 2011.

Our tried-and-tested, world renowned product is trusted by leading global poultry producers. Our reputation for superior bird performance, unparalleled reliability and market leading efficiency is one we’re continuously aspiring to maintain, and improve.

Bird Performance

While we cannot guarantee bird performance gains, we can tell you that some of the largest global poultry producers insist on using SUNBIRD® for their operations.

Increased Profit

A major benefit of good poultry lighting is that it leads to better bird performance results. The more efficient your lighting and the less maintenance your system requires, the greater the impact on your bottom line.

That’s why you need to see your lighting system as a long-term investment with a reputable company that can provide direct technical support for a product that is industry proven. That’s why you should choose SUNBIRD®.

LED Lighting System

Our Product Offering

Purpose Built: SUNBIRD® is a poultry lighting system designed and manufactured at our factory in South Africa. Our team have researched, developed and built every aspect of the SUNBIRD® system to standards that provide our customers with the best possible lighting solution for their business.

Efficiency: SUNBIRD® is the most efficient poultry lighting system available and generates more light on the ground for every watt of power consumed than any other lighting system. Any additional costs initially incurred for a more efficient system are offset by the savings made on power consumption.

Durability and Lifespan: The SUNBIRD® system is tried, tested and trusted globally for its unrivalled reliability. The lights carry a 5-year quality guarantee and our system is built to withstand poor, interrupted power supply as well as hot, wet and corrosive environments.

Dimming: The SUNBIRD® system offers seamless dimming and integration with PLC systems and is shipped ready for “plug and play” installation. The dimming range allows for dimming from above 100 Lux to below 2 Lux, all controlled from a single dimmer in any size house.

Lighting Design: We prepare professional simulations and 3D modelling for every project. This enables us to deliver exactly what our customers require, ensuring lighting at the required Lux level in the most economical way.

We Offer Direct Support if Required

Keeping your lights on is our Number One priority. That’s why the reaction time for technical support and parts delivery is a key focus of our business. We’re able to provide immediate technical support in English, Afrikaans, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish because of our own factory and engineers.

Our Reputation

We are proud of our growing reputation as the Number One poultry lighting system in the world. Our impressive list of global customers is a testament to this and is a result of our world renowned product backed by our world class service.

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