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SUNBIRD® was founded in 2009 in South Africa and has become a leading global provider of agricultural lighting. From our 2000 sqm factory and our distribution hub in Cape Town, South Africa, we manufacture the entire SUNBIRD® system to the highest possible international standards and distribute to our network of resellers around the world. Our ongoing research and development ensures that we provide the best possible lighting solution for our customers in terms of animal performance, product efficiency, product lifespan and product functionality.

Why Sunbird?
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Global Reach

SUNBIRD® lighting is the choice of leading brands across the globe, from the USA to Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom to Namibia.

The SUNBIRD® system is distributed through our extensive network of re-sellers. Each system is dispatched pre-configured and ready for installation. No matter where you are in the world, the modern farmer needs a lighting system that ensures peak animal performance along with maximum efficiency and product longevity.

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Country Bird Holdings
Mountain Valley
Namib Poultry
National Chicks
Arbor Acres
Golden Chicken
Radwa Chicken
Peak Pullets
Valentine Chickens
National Poultry Company
LA Systems
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Consolidated Energy & Economic Engineering
Escolha Do Povo
ALKE-Total Confort SRL
Eliaut Elevage


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