Our Product

SUNBIRD® is poultry house lighting system designed and manufactured at our factory in South Africa. Our team have researched, developed and built every aspect of the SUNBIRD® system to standards that provide our customers with the best possible lighting solution for their business.

Our extremely robust and efficient lighting solution can take care of every aspect of your operation’s lighting requirements including Broiler, Breeder, Rearing and Layer Houses to Aviary systems, Hatcheries, Abattoirs, Offices and anything in between.

We believe in keeping things simple. That’s why we stick to our tried-and-tested recipe that we know works well. The SUNBIRD® light is mounted directly onto a plastic junction box and does not require any additional fitting or waterproofing. A standard 2-core house wire is used to wire the system and the control gear comes pre-wired for simple installation. It is quite common that our customers retrofit the SUNBIRD® system to existing electrical infrastructure and points.

SUNBIRD® 10 watt LED

Features and Benefits



LEDs and PC board cast in resin
100% waterproof (IP69K) and chemical resistant
Aluminium PC Board
Better heat transfer resulting in longer lifespan
Air flow heat sink
Better heat transfer resulting in longer lifespan

54 000Hrs Lifespan to L70 at 60° ambient
185 Lumens Per Watt
Higher efficiency means less electricity

Lower System cost
150° Beam Angle
No wasted light (energy) on walls and ceiling
Low Voltage
No risk of electrical shock in house

No short circuits due to water in conduit

Reduced voltage drop compared to 12 or 24V systems

Unattractive to theft
Centralised Power Supply Units
Variable AC input range

Protections: Short Circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over Temperature

Forced air cooling by built-in fan

Withstand 300vac surge input for 5 seconds
Rotary, 0-10V and Dusk to Dawn options

100+ Lux down to 1 Lux

No colour distortion and No flicker

Unlimited lights from one Dimmer
5 Year Guarantee on Lights
Low total cost of ownership